Our Security Labs Research Team performs primary research in identifying sources of spam, phishing, malware, botnet and other email threats.

The results of this research is compiled in the NSI Reputation IP, Malware Outbreak and Zero Hour database and deployment in real time to appliances on-premisse and cloud docker instances continually.

The Security Labs actively monitors internet and emails threats like as:

  • IP address sources of spam attacks.

  • Phishing scams campaigns and email templates.

  • Sources of botnet attacks.

  • Malware traps and malware samples.

  • Spamtraps.

  • Honeypots and deception technologies.

  • Spammers open proxys.

Smart Update Service

Our Smart Update Service continually update your appliance with last spam, phishing and malware signatures without manual tiresomeness administration or email traffic interruptions.

All the Virtual Appliances, V-Series Appliances and Cloud HMS are updated even 10 minute frequency.

Smart Update lastest version:

Date: 2022 Jan 20 20:28

NSI Lookup returns the reputation status and score about an IP address.

Reputation Status:

  • Good Reputation: IP address is not spammer or source of spam in last 24 hours.
  • Bad Reputation: IP address is a source of spam or virus and/or provides attacks in last 24 hours.
  • Suspect: IP addres is under investigation process and is not confirmed like a source of spam or attacks.

Please type an IP Address:

SPF Lookup

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a technical method to prevent sender address forgery.

Check a domain SPF record.

Domain name to check:

Send Spam or Malware Sample

Please upload any spam or malware samples which are not yet detected by our products along with suspicious and other miscellaneous files using the upload form below or email spam@memphisnetwork.com.br

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